Beating a felinid to death in the hallway

Byond Account:Tyrrano

Character Name(s):Tyrrano

Discord Name:You guessed it: Tyrrano

Round ID:11265

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name:Viktor Von Schlossgenhausen

What happened:Not certain on this one, but wanted to report it just in case. While running through the hall to get something from Sci, I passed a group lead by Viktor beating a felinid to death. It was punctuated with the epithet: fucking felinid. GRanted, there could have been IC reasons, but I wanted it checked out, just in case.

It was me, I was the felinid. It was perfectly legit as I was a rev who ended up mindshielded and decided to try to assassinate a head before I had to go to sleep, and you saw the result.

Oh, well if it was legit, then I’m glad to know that. Carry on, my furry friend - or some such pleasantry you might say to a felinid. To any mod or admin reviewing this, I suppose just lock the thread? And I was converted, then HOP or Cap flipping flashed and mind-shielded me, too. Was amazing. No chill. Just bright white and then unconverted.

Captain Willard do be on some high level gaming, revs had no chance hahahahaha.

Thanks for showing here to clarify things Sore.