Beef Pogo changeling murderbones everyone

Byond name: Madenanders
Character names: Big Boy Boris
Round: 11996
Griefer name: Beef Pogo (changeling, original name Buzzy Buzzeron David Jonathan Carlson)
Griefer Byond account: Liveingamer
I was captain, they contractor batoned me at chapel making me think they were a contractor, then they flamethrower’d everyone there when they got shoved and lost their baton, I go to crit from this. After this he kills HoS and HoP in bridge with ling powers then tries to kill me too when I come back from medbay, kills multiple people in hallways too. This was a changeling and traitor round, his objectives weren’t to do any of this. Someone killed CE and others in shuttle too, probably same person but not actually sure since I didn’t see much of it.
These were the objectives he had:

Given him murdering command and taking our ID’s you might think that since it was traitors and lings that he was helping someone hijack, but no traitor had a hijack objective. Just straight murderbone.

Since it wasn’t mentioned in the post, he also murdered the HoP in his office. It wasn’t for AA or anything either as he already had obtained it from the captain. He just went in, split his head open with his fireaxe then left. No one had the HoP as objective either.

just to add to this as one of their victim, as a borg I was killed in a hallway by them just because, as none of the people I was helping (Leonard Simpson and Gnarf) were their targets

this is also from OOC after round end

Ran into beef pogo harrassing robo by doing locker monkey cube grief and lubing surgeries before this.

will investigate shortly

taken care of, thank you for the report!