Beefmen Phobetor Tears should work around SSD/Catatonic people

You’re telling me I can’t teleport because the guy who’s asleep in the same room might see me?!

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have you tried moving the person to somewhere out of the way

Of course, that’s something you could do (as long as they’re not behind some window or door, or the room is too small to move them out of eyesight), but the fact it’s an issue in the first place is illogical.

We had it in intentionally, but a lot of the reason why was perma prisoners. I guess it could be removed now that they have implants that block it, or it can be replaced with making plushies have eyes.

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plus having eyes would b awesome

that would be amazing lock a beefman in a cell with thousands of plushies unable to escape

i mean, catatonic people arent asleep

they are almost no different from dead people, which you can teleport around. I think they should be able to be ignored.