Bell Finkle as warden

Byond Account: applereagan

Character Name(s): Tongue-Tied

Discord Name: appre

Round ID: 12047 - I think

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Bell Finkle

I was in the HoP line and Jimbo Knobbs shoves me and steals my keyboard.
I shouldn’t have had a flash, but I did, and I chased after him to try and get it back.
Jimbo of course yells that he’s being attacked. I get arrested by Xinyi Zhao and taken to the brig.
I never even make it in a cell because the warden, Bell Finkle, wants to put me on the mining colony. He takes my spraypaint can out of my bag and sprays me with it. Then he lets me go. I shove him, because I’m mad about the spraying in my face, and he rearrests me and takes me to the lavaland prisoner shuttle. Koibumi Takada tries to tell him to just put me in the brig, but he starts arguing about it, and waits until the escape shuttle has almost arrived and then sends me to lavaland stranding me.


unfortunately the logs for that round are broken, but if you see or experience anything else like this from them please feel free to let us know.