Bendigo Ban appeal

Byond Account: Bendigo
Character Name(s): Maddison Rorke, Dima Kazamov
Discord Name: ASS_BLAST_USA#4763
Round ID of Ban: 12910
Ban Message: Fulp Ban
State your appeal: I wish to apologise for my actions that night as I was halfway through a bottle of hard Cider and not in any sort of right mind to be trying to have a serious discussion in any way, whatever I did(I genuinely have no idea what happened at all on that night) I am deeply sorry if I offended anyone in any meaningful way but I would just like to assure you that my actions then were purely due to the severe Inebriation I was experiencing at that time.

I am not trying to make any excuses for my Behaviour, my lack of self control was nobody’s fault but my own, and again I apologise for that.

As for doing this on the server, if I am drunk enough to the point that I lose any and all sense of inhibition I’m basically in a vetitive state in regards to gameplay so griefing while under the influence is a non-issue if that’s what was meant with that part of the ban reason.

This ban was 2 months ago, so I’m willing to give you another chance. However, I will be putting a notice on your account so mods know to keep a close eye on you, and anything even remotely similar to this will put you back on a perma ban.