Best powergaming setups

since im not getting on the server i might as well bring the server to me

whats ur guys ideal powergame setup?

When I spawn i usually go get some tools and stunprod mateirals from public tech storage (welder wrench) go to tech storage steal insuls, make some cuffs, take flash and go to maints. By now I usually have all tools so i break into engi for toolbelt/bully botany into making me one and

finally to finish my setup i find a lone sec to stun cuff and strip naked. i take their gear and dispose of them afterwards. As a safety mesure I recommend making ephedrine syringes with 3u of morphine and some salicylic pens stolen from medbay. Dont forget to assault captain for his golden id and with that my powergame setup as assistant is done. tank you for your time and share your setups

With Love, Tess Tickle the Staff Assistant (also known as Lou Bricant)

You can drag the Silver Rush’s weapons to the bathrooms or the back room to pick them up unnoticed its an easy way to get some really good energy weapon that will carry you for some time or just a good way to make some good cash

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i just used a stealth boy i’ll have to remember the bathroom trick

  1. Play miner
    1.a) alternatively get a gps, go public mining, find a dead miner.

2.get loot and mining points. Strengthen your armor or craft/steal drake armor

  1. Bribe people with the loot you dont want and heads with lazarus injectors to get what you want.
    3.a) Optional: get luxury medipens and depressurize station because real powergamers aint afraid of no ban.
    3.a.helped) in a conflict apply kinetic crusher to head repeatedly.

  2. ?

  3. Profit

my powergame setup is to spawn into the round, turn my assistant jumpsuit to alternative wear mode (take the shirt off), and beat the SHIT out of everyone with my BEAR hands (my hands are welded to bears which bite and eat you)



You will need: 1 bluespace bodybag, 1 ephedrine syringe, 1 damp rag with zombie powder/ALTERNATIVELY: pipegun/dargun/syringegun + 1 super melatonin dart/syringe OR other sleep chem + 15u of Mute Toxin

alternatively you can also make n2o flamethrower and insta-sleep anyone in your way, i got the captain like this a couple of times.

Knowledtge of chemistyr lets yuo make ghetto combat stims (same speed as those from tot uplink) theyre a GREAT escape tool or otherwise mobiltiy boost. You cna also make 2100u gunpowder chem payloads which work similar to syndicate bombss

Whjen breaking into a department to kill/kidnap a high risk target (head of staff, captain, CentCom) always learn those wires first: bolt, ai control, power, aux power. This ensures that if an ai is onto you, it wont bolt you in since you can just:

cut ai control wire>pulse bolt wire>pulse power/aux power>apply crowbar to the airlock>keep running (and repeat for any bolted door in your way)

When kidnapping high risk targets like captain and HoS, forcefeed them Zombie Powder using a damp rag or shoot them with a a syringe with SUper Melatonin or mute toxin + sleep chem of your choice. If you are robust you can try stunning/killing them but this guarantees they will yell over the radio your location so now sec is onto you.

Once theyre down, get a bluespace bodybag and use it on them (after you incapacitated/killed them) and pop an ephedrine syringe on yourself to keep moving fast. alternatively you can fill the syringe withadditional 2u of morphine to negate any damage slowdown while on the run. Now get somewhere safe and finish the target off/hold him for ransom.

IF YOU ARE TYRING THIS ON CAPTAIN, GET BLOOD COAGULANT CHEMICALS. The bleed from his sabre will FUCK you over in a couple of seconds, putting you in crit from bloodloss. Always be ready to retreat into a safe space if you are losing.

Congrats! You just made Syndicate/Greytide/Head Revolutionaries very proud and happy. Best spots to hide dead/dying captain are: space and lavaland, maints to some extent too (assuming you did it stealthily)

If you are a tider, DO NOT KILL anyone, especially the captain. If you are tryign to be extra funny, get captains golden ID and hand it over to the clown/flex on the poor.

I am not responsible for any deaths,permabrig sentences, warnings or bans held against people who follow this guide.


As soon as I spawn in I grab a regular surgery toolset in case any corpses come in during the “prep” phase. I grab a medical belt and hud, and if possible I grab the syringe gun because it looks cool and if I’m holding it I know it won’t be used to antagprep. Put on a winter coat and move all the non-tools from my medkit to the toolbelt, then I cut up the gauze you start with and make a chem bag and replace the medbelt with it.

Then I run to pharmacy and bust out salicylic acid, oxandrolone, seiver, inacusiate, occuline and multiver and fill my chem belt with it for personal use cause chem will 9 times out of 10 not make anything so I try to do it as early as possible before bodies start piling up.

If I don’t have any patients yet I’ll go hunting for donkpockets, cook and grind them for the ominizine and fill a small beaker with water. Then I hunt down chaplain before he strays to far from the chapel for holy water and make like 50 or so SR pills and stock them in the chem fridge.

By this time we usually have silver from mining, so I make formaldehyde and dump it all on the floor. If I still have time at this point, I grab a roller bed and a body bag for quickly moving items around medbay, keeping a patient’s items safe in case I need to strip him, and for pulling corpses into the surgery room.

As soon as I have upgraded tools I switch for those, and I’ll also print off a defib, a basic battery and a penlight defib mount as soon as it’s available so I can explicitly use the surgery room for all of my patients.

Once I have all this stuff setup and advanced surgery is researched I can usually just carry medbay by myself


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