BETA ai validhunting on asimov

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): Jed Joshek
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 13924
Griefer name: BETA, Sammael macdougal
What happened:
Roscoe and i killed hos and a det (all of sec) for access to kill my target and reach a contractor location, we decided to pretend to be sec using chameleon gear and their IDs, appleseed the RD then says this to the ai after ai bolts all of sec and yells on comms.
Appleseed then comes into sec, baton out and dies, causing the ai to call the shuttle.
Ai didnt recall the shuttle. I then go to do the SM shard objective and ai constantly bolts doors to stop me from doing so until i give up and go to the now docked shuttle after mentioning law 2 a bunch, all my requests ignored.
I was also told sammael macdougal bought stunbatons and disablers and got the hop to open them even before the shuttle was called. Not sure how reliable this is, just wanted to include it so you can check logs ig.


Went to cargo that round and Sammael had like 5 crates of stun batons+disablers as a lawyer, not sure why. Then tried to detain you on the shuttle.

Yeah since we kinda killed sec real loud then I bitched on common about law 2 it was pretty obvious I was bad, I didnt want to kill anyone else but im not surprised there was validhunters, like the engineers that tried to get into sec to fight us also attacked me on shuttle which led to more conflict, where sam joined in. Just confused why he had so much sec gear.

they didnt ask for a shuttle, no and a bunch of people asked for it to be recalled (not sure bout command) but i think the ai was the only one who wanted it

AIs cant recall.


dude i ASKED if i could buy stunbatons and disablers because i was scared. the hop or whoever head was still alive said YES you can so i did. you can’t implicate me in this. also, you were actively killing people on the shuttle and weren’t even hiding that you were antags. if the hos is dead, the next head takes over that role. and all of security was confirmed to be dead. you can’t implicate the HOP either.

As a reminder, only involved parties or players who witnessed the event and are providing additional context may comment on grief patrols. This is not the place to speculate or discuss the grief patrol. Breaking this rule will result in a temporary mute on the forums.

This is awkward. Don’t ock ick. There’s also nothing in your say logs to support that you asked the HoP, HoS, or literally anyone at all about ordering weapons crates ahead of time.

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This has been taken care of. Thanks!