Bieyes Another Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Bieyes
Character Name(s): Jalen Whiteman
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): manitu#3220
Round ID of Ban: 21415

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal: This is what happened, I’ve been dead for a while now and I finally hear a prompt that I can respawn as something. So clearly, after being dead for ages I clicked it. I didn’t read what it was and it was 22:20 or something, so I was pretty tired and didn’t bother to see what it was. Now I’m a soul scythe. I don’t know how to use it what the goal is and what to do. SO the miner that ‘created’ me said ‘‘want to go the station?’’ Or something along those lines. So they used like a tracking beacon to send me to the station. So I tried to get out because I had no idea what to do now, so it was locked. So I start hitting the airlock door then the window to try get out. Then I saw in chat when I was trying to slash it said ‘You don’t have enough blood’ so I thought you had to slice people to get blood and you had to attack people, that is what I though you were supposed to do so I started attacking animals and people to gain blood. I thought it was like some sort of cursed weapon which its main goal is to kill people for blood and do this till you die. I did not know anything about the soul scythe and I want to deeply apologise for what I did and I will next time look what I become before becoming it. I really just want to apologise and I now realised that I fucked up hard. It’s the start of the holidays from yesterday and I love fulpstation, it’s the game I will play for as long as I can when I can play it. I learned my lesson from the last bans and this one isn’t about non-antag doing an antag related stuff, cause I learnt my lesson. The only reason I did this is because I did not know what to do. I know I fucked up and will never do anything like this again, and will use mentor help next time. Thank you for your time.


This is within progression; every time you’ve been unbanned, you’ve gotten re-banned soon enough after to go through the whole progression system, so this ban was placed correctly. You can appeal 6 months from the date of the ban.