Big john (in-game name) ingame ban appeal or shorten

Byond Account:Whalzy
Character Name(s):Big John
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): whalzy#6666
Round ID of Ban: round ID 22674.

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 1. ban reason is: core 2 grief as a non-antag doctor round 22674 bombed the shuttle and just said honk
State your appeal: i did this on purpose i wasnt thinking i know its bad and i shouldve actually said something else then just honk in the admin message but im really sorry and i really like fulp i didnt think i’d get banned because i didnt know what a antag was and didnt know i had to be one to do stuff and im new to ss13 so i’d really like to be unbanned or ban shorten atleast

This is denied.

You act like shit are just here to grief and we have no real reason to unban you other then your word which means next to nothing. You’ve played other servers you know what an antag is you know you need to respond to admins seriously. This is bumped to perma to avoid any further toxic interactions between you and the server.