Big Ol' List 'o' Gimmick Ideas - Ryan Finlay


These are a bunch of gimmick ideas for RP (and maybe things closer to strategies, sprinkled in) that I’ve come up with off the top of my head. :thinking:

  • Beefman butcher shop (selling crewburgers or regular meat)

  • Changeling who acts like a regular bloodbrother (traitor w/o uplink) until they get arrested or put into a critical situation

  • “Magician” who is really just an actual wizard cosplaying a street magician

  • Crewmate with a god delusion (no, not the powergame brain trauma) (also inspired by that one Greek myth)

  • Cowboy/Stereotypical country yokel

  • Pinkerton (Yes, I had recently finished RDR2)

  • Curator Diplomat

  • Psychologist who laces drinks with ecstasy (the drug)

  • Boxer/Wrestler

  • Shady Ghetto Surgeon (I’ve already done this, but it was funny the first time so I wanna do it again)

  • Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Drinking some ambiguous potion and “changing my personality”)

  • Private Investigator

  • Secret Agent

  • Moonshiner/illegal drug dealer

  • Snake Oil Salesman

  • 100% stealth changeling

  • Maints “camping” (good ol’ tent and s’mores kinda deal)

  • Pickpocket

  • Scammer

  • Putting all heads/sec heads on pikes in front of bridge/brig during rev round

  • Scientologist chaplain

  • Identity fraud as a non-changeling

  • Pot den stoner comedy

  • Throne room & medieval dynasty

  • Insane asylum patient, with demented mantras to boot!

  • Bodyguard to some random dude, not even important

  • The crimson room (beefmen hangout with flesh walls and furniture)

  • Deluxe janitopia lounge. a real high-roller, upper class, fabulous, fancy janitor closet remodelling

  • Cover band at the bar theater

  • Black Knight (as seen in Holy Grail)

  • Station secret society

  • Pizza delivery service

  • Controversial newspaper (another gimmick I did before but would like to do again) (i ran an investigative journalism piece on a (planted) copy of the lusty argonian maid in the sec office that kept getting censored)

  • Civil War-type medbay

  • Redpill/Bluepill some random assistant and introduce him to my matrix crew

  • Someone else’s “imaginary” friend
  • Station democratic election
  • Recording all my interactions with crews and turning the recorder on ‘play’ like 20 minutes later over the radio
  • Maints tribe
  • Station supervillain/superhero
  • Saw trap for my target
  • Bisexual lighting for station
    will update if I get any more ideas
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For some reason I am not allowed to edit my own post anymore, so I will begin posting more ideas down here and/or editing my comments. Sorry to anyone who clicks on this post expecting input from someone else after seeing an update indicator

  • Upscale cannibal dining experience (think Ultra-Luxe)

  • Sneaking into other private areas by disguising myself as a stationary object

  • Stalking a crewmember (like Obsessed antag without the murdering)

  • Moving everything in a room 1 tile to the left/right of their starting position, in secret

  • Communicating entirely through written notes and paper (No emoting, no speaking, just writing on paper and PDA messenging. No acknowledging the handicap either.

  • Being a station Witch, what with the curses and the hexes and the cauldron…

  • Trapping and giving my antag target a villain monologue before neutralizing them

  • Room full of statues of different people, in complete darkness.

  • Plastic surgery clinic

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