Bimmy Baldo's appeal

Byond Account: Left0vers2209
Character Name(s): Bimmy Baldo
Discord Name: Not in discord.
Round ID of Ban: 18585
Ban Message

State your appeal: I get angry when I’m constantly griefed in this game, up until now the admins have been really helpful with helping me learn things like how to deal with it, but today I got no help from admins or sec, every time Bimmy’s wheel chair has been stolen and he has been griefed to hell the admins are always super great about telling that person the rules, and I’ve been trying to help by telling them also, sadly I guess doing so in an OOC manner is wrong as it violates RP, sometimes I’m better at that by referring to the admins as gods, but I slip when I’m angry (So many people see a character in a wheel chair as a target for griefing) As for LBF, you don’t have to believe me, but my two brothers always told me it stands for “Little bitch fucker.” I don’t know where admit got the other word from but I suppose it could mean that but I didn’t mean it that way myself, I called one person a fggt once and was quickly informed by a helpful admin not to do that again and I haven’t since. This other admin asked me what LBF meant and I joked that it meant “Little baby frogs” guess it was unfunny. I don’t know how long I’ve been on that server but I don’t think it was even two weeks yet but I’ve been learning the rules and sticking to them as soon as I know them so I am doing my best and like I said, up until today the admins have been very patient and helpful with me. I was told Fulpstation is a good place to learn and it has been and that’s why I enjoy it, I would just like a little more RP instead of “Hehehaha funny wheel chair man I take wheel chair hohoho” its frustrating

Your anger issues are not our problem. This is denied.