Blaberface's Mod App

Byond username: Blaberface
Discord name: Blaberface#1069
Join date: 2020-12-25
Hours you’ve been on the server: 888

When are you online or available to get on: Any day of the week
How long have you been a mentor? (Note: only current mentors are eligible to apply for mod): 7 Months

Do you have prior experience being a moderator: I’ve got a fair few amounts of experience on staff/moderation teams. Most of these being in other games but, generally within RP servers.

Unturned RP Servers
Surge City Life RP server. This is a city life RP type server, where people roleplayed as citizens within a city. This server mainly focused on a citizens life, but you had the option to join a gang/mafia. This server is considered the first to bring this type of RP to Unturned. This is where I first started moderating for any online communities and servers. I became a moderator there for a couple weeks before the server shut down; due to complications within the community and the owner of the server focusing on other things in his life.

Apex City Life RP, This server was a re-creation of the Surge RP server by it’s community who wished to continue the city life RP. I helped created a lot of the frame work of the server, and contributed a small amount of workshop items for mods for this server. I ended up becoming co-owner in this server. This server ended up dying due to losing all its hype within a month.

Vext Military RP, this server was a military RP where players would join one side of the war. In this case, it was a ww3 scenario with a war between the US and Russia. Staff was a hard role to obtain on this server as it was also an “Officer” rank. You had to already have a ton of play time and have a place within it’s community to even be considered for staff. I spent more time moderating this server than any other due to my general enjoyment of this type of RP server. I rose to the staff rank of second to the co-owner. They went a little overboard with the number of staff ranks there. I eventually left the server due to finding out the server owner was honestly a dick. Found this out after I confronted him about stealing PayPal money from a long-time donator of the server. And his general abuse of the community.

OGN City Life RP, (Part 1) I applied for staff on this server and eventually ended up becoming an administrator on this server. I staffed on this server for a couple of months before it too eventually died out due to loss of popularity. These types of city life RP servers were a challenge to moderate due to Unturned; not being a RP game. Unturned is basically rust with zombies and as a result the community was fairly similar. Many people connected to the server expecting it to be a survival game and constantly broke server rules to the extent that a new server rule was created aimed particularly at players who didn’t understand that this was an RP server. Generally the community who did RP were following roleplay and FRP rules but no matter where you go, there are people who break rules for their own enjoyment, or find exploits to get further ahead than everyone else.

Pancake City Life RP, this server was created by the developer of OGN as a temporary server. While the original creator of OGN was attempting to revive his server. I started out as an admin on this server due to already being an Admin on the previous OGN

OGN City Life RP (Part 2) yeah, they came back, and so did I. After Pancake was shut down in favor of OGN (Developer went back to OGN) I went back with them. I retained my rank of Admin due to previously being Admin. I left the server and stepped down from staff due to generally getting bored of Unturned.

Freeland City Life RP, back at it again with the city life RP. The co-owner of the OGN server created his own server after OGN died out. (This was a year after OGN died). I was contacted by freelance (Server owner) and helped him get his server ready and mods prepared. I believe this server is still running but I left after a few months. I rose to the rank of admin in this server.

The first server I moderated on was called MCCentral, at the time it was a fairly big server (Before Hypixel blew up and dominated the server scene) MCCentral was a server with a ton of minigames and sub-servers for Prison RP, or Skyblock; where I spent most my time. I was tasked with general moderation and looking out for people who were using cheats/hacking.

Next server I moderated on was a small community called Antarctic Federation. It’s just a small SMP server and largely just a discord community that people hang on at. The owner constantly switches between modded/vanilla servers (At the discretion of the community). I largely moderate their discord server to look out for people who are; in better or worse terms, shitters.

Last MC server I moderated on was called Super Goatland; yes, it is heavily goat themed. It’s still running, but I left due to losing interest in minecraft for a while. There was only a single staff rank. So staff did have a fair few amount of duties. I caught a fair few amount of people using exploits and ended up perma banning a long time player after finding out they had been using a ton of cheats the entire time they had been with the server.

This game is an RP game so the community was generally easier to deal with, but there’s always the shitters or TKers, and of course those who’d scream the N-word for fun.

King’s Playhouse, this was the first server I moderated for (for SCP:SL) I rose to the rank of admin after a short while. The server was incredibly different than other SCP:SL servers due to having much different rules and constantly had events ran by the staff of the server. Server died due to being out-competed by another server.

Kognity’s Playhouse, This was the last SCP:SL server I staffed on. I rose to the rank of Admin (middle staff rank) spent a lot of time dealing with the community there. I also voluntarily staffed for the MC server that was created for a couple months. Server is still the most popular SCP:SL server, I left due to complications with my computer and no longer being able to play the game. (Too much lag and lost interest in that game)

I am a F/SGT with my Air cadet squadron as constantly deal with younger people. I’ve learned a ton of skills with de-escalating/dealing with situations or complications that arise.

What is something you feel you do well: I’m great at de-escalating and quickly solving complications. I’ve got a ton of experience with dealing with issues and generally keeping my cool whenever dealing with toxic people. I am relatively consistent with being able to be on the server. I enjoy just watching the round as well as constantly reading the forums. I’ve never abused any power given to me for any reasons. I’ve got a lot of problem solving experience. I’m quick at learning UI’s and figuring out staff panels and what not. I feel I’m good with dealing with new players who are just learning the rules. I’m lax when need be and harsh when the situation calls for it.

What is something you wish to change: I feel I go overboard sometimes when giving information to people. I just get into a habit of doing an information dump and I just feel that I scare people away from certain jobs when I end up doing that.

I’ve largely solved this problem but sometimes I end up misinterpreting things. I read the rules when I first joined the server but ended up twisting some definitions/mis-justifying some things. This ultimately hurt me a lot, and ended up with me receiving a few notes that I’m not proud of. I’ve learned to just live and let live, this honestly improved my experience with the game and helped me avoid causing problems.


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Impressive background

-2 is Canadian +2.3512 Good at the game

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Accepted! Welcome to the mod team