Blobbernaut rebbeled against creator

Byond Account:Urk
Character Name(s):An-Akish
Discord Name:
Round ID: 23675
Griefer IC name:Blobber, other unkown
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
So me and anoter sci was making sentient creatures and we ended up making two blobbers blob zombie a xenomaid and a fungu, we ended up killing the fungu and giving the gland to a blobbernaugt named blobber, then after a while it attacked and if you dont count medbay giving a slime person antiox as murder then that blobbernaught killed the other sci, both blobber and the other blob then fled into maints, the big one didnt make it on shuttle since i think sec killed them, and the smal blobber was nice on the shuttle, i don know if sentient creatures are allowed to revolt against their master unless directly attacked, if this is allowed please disregard this reply.

handled! thanks for the report. to answer your question, no simplemobs cannot be aggressive on station unless they were created by and given orders from an antagonist.