Bloodsucker feature requests

For some reason I cant go back and edit my old post, so I’m making a new one.

Put any suggestion you have for Bloodsuckers, here.

Here’s a list of things I personally want to add one day:

  • Make Frenzy a split personality
  • Fix the Holoparasite and finally implement it
  • My favorite vassal Clan
  • Clan benefits - Ex: NOSFERATU Gives ventcrawl, but makes you a midget, gives bad back and makes you unable to use Masquerade.

As I’m currently working on Clans, I’d like any suggestions you guys have for that primarily. For reference, this is what I have now:

“Brujah Clan” - More prone to Frenzy

“Nosferatu Clan” - Can’t use Masquerade

“Tremere Clan” - Weaker to some Holy tools, and burns while in the Chapel (Like the Vampire race)

“Ventrue Clan” - Cant drink blood out of mindless mobs

“Giovanni Clan” - Feeding on living beings is difficult (Violent message and more damage on interrupt, target screams on silent grab)

“Malkavian Clan” - Constant hallucinations. (Maybe obtain sleepless dreamer/bluespace prophet if clans ever get bonuses?)


Volturi clan :)

They’d be Italian, obviously. So they’d have the mustache speech thing

All the bloodsucker clans are based off of the ones in Vampire: the Masquerade
Giovanni is the italian clan, however has been removed in latest commits

Caitiff would make a very interesting bloodsucker type. You have none of the strengths or disadvantages of the clanned bloodsuckers and have to rely on your own knowledge and skills more than anything. If you survive long enough and accrue enough blood/thralls you can become an Autarkis giving you some unique powers, passive or otherwise.

I think at least one bloodsucker clan should be invisible on cameras.

It’s already a Bloodsucker power though.