Bloodsucker rework

Currently every antag has to do, guess what, antagonistic actions to finish their objectives and get green text, EXCEPT, you guessed it, bloodsucker. I propose that bloodsuckers are changed so they are only able to feed from crew and bodies, making them have to hunt to live, because currently they don’t really have anything to do and they need some kind of purpose, objectives of this kind: “vassalize crewmember”, “suck high quality blood” (blood from security or command) which will make the antag actually challenging and fun. Currently bloodsucker is just annoying to get and unfun, it always results in the person either having no real purpose or vassalizing everyone in sight and becoming way too powerful.

the problem with it is objectives like that are either a binary “you kill everyone” or “you’re hunted for the rest of the game”. You can’t simply feed off of someone and leave it at that.
We used to have objectives like that but it more often than not just led to people going in the last few moments of a round to kill 1-2 people sucking them dry to complete them.

I would like Bloodsuckers to do more in a round, but I’d rather it be in some masquerade-focused (stealth) objective-based level up system instead of being focused around a greentext.

Last note, their only current “content” is base-building (very minimal) and vassalizing, and I wish they had some other thing they could do too, but I have no idea what it would be.

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What about to become more powerful they have to do an objective. they can level up to level 3 but further levels will require sucking blood, sucking royal blood, draining ancient energy from restricted areas and the antagonist objective would be something like reach level 10, this would make bloodsucker gameplay actually challenging and as hard as heretic.

yea, it would be cool if like the more aggresive you play(actually blood sucking people instead of rats), the more powerful you are