Bloodsuckers - Brujah/Malkavian/Frenzy suggestions

Please put suggestions for the Brujah and Malkavian clans here, as well as how you would like Frenzy to be changed.

How it currently works (from the wiki):


Clan Objective: While in a Frenzy, using your Feed ability, drink X units of Blood.

You get a stronger punch, and by extension, stronger Brawn, and enter Frenzy easier than other Bloodsuckers. Unlike other Bloodsuckers, Frenzy is just a natural way of living. You do not become stun immune, and take Brute damage instead of Burn from Frenzy.
You also gain the ability to enter and exit Frenzy whenever you want.


Clan Objective: Final Death any Bloodsucker who breaks the Masquerade.

You gain x-ray, and begin to constantly hallucinate, as well as become a Bluespace Prophet, gaining the ability to enter Bluespace tears in reality, even when people are looking. They will also, unless on Masquerade, spit out random ‘Revelations’.


Once Bloodsuckers lose enough blood (determined by Clan and Humanity), they will enter a Frenzy.

While in a Frenzy, your screen turns a blood-red as you gain the ability to instantly aggressively grab people. Your Feed ability will get a major buff while in Frenzy, drinking at a massively increased speed and drink rate.

  • If you are part of the Ventrue Clan, you can bypass the need to drink from only conscious people.
  • If you are not part of the Brujah clan, you lose access to all Abilities except Feed, as well as become Mute, Deaf, and immune to ALL stuns. You will lose the ability to use nearly all machinery. While in a Frenzy, you will begin to take Burn damage, and your task is to drink 300 Blood as soon as possible to exit a Frenzy.

Bloodsuckers in the Brujah Clan also have the ability to enter Frenzy at will, and will take Brute damage instead of Burn.

The problem

Brujah is really lame, you click one button to enter a Frenzy then you murderbone a few people.
Malkavians barely have anything, they’re meant to be crazy but it feels like playing Beefman+
Frenzy is quite lame and just tells you to basically go murder someone

I have some ideas on how I would like to change it, but I also would like to hear what other people would like out of Bloodsuckers, rather than it just being whatever I want it to be (though I do mostly have final say over what suggestions are put in, anyway).

maybe for malkavian, increase the amount of hallucinations they get? i dunno. maybe just make them have to final death a different vampire anyways, unless theres no others.

I think instead of having bluespace prophet, Malkavians could instead get a unique ability which inflicts madness on their victim. At low levels it causes a brief period of insanity, making the victim hallucinate. As the Malkavian grows more ancient their madness curse increases, at max rank temporarily paralyzing the victim and leaving them insane and hallucinating until they get brain surgery/medication/psychological help. Making Malkavian hallucinations for the bloodsucker more frequent/debilitating as they progress would also be good.

To compliment this, Malkavian thralls should also become more unhinged as their master ages, suffering from more hallucinations themselves. You could have an additional clan objective to ‘inflict your madness on x number of people’ with your thralls, and any untreated madness victims counting towards that objective. The ‘kill any bloodsucker who violates the masquerade’ could be just an optional objective

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malkavian could have something like a scrying orb to see/hear ghosts maybe deadchat controlled vampires

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Can we get a waterphone sound effect for when frenzy activates


Brujah lore-wise are described rebellious and not well-going with the other clans.
Some ideas that popped into my mind regarding that aspect of them:

  • Mood debuff while near other bloodsucker
  • Some sort of debuff/thing if your lair is too near to another bloodsuckers
  • Clan objective(s) to disturb other bloodsuckers operations ( for instance borrowing from the new traitors a “bug a coffin” type of objective (quite thematic to be snooping on other bloodsuckers))

As you stated Brujah are at the moment lame “meatheads” and I think also their clan objective has to do with this since it’s literally a “bulk up and drink blood” .
In my mind They are a good “introduction” clan for bloodsuckers but their objectives lend to a single type of game-play that you have no choice of deviating from.

Their whole clan objective is based around wordlessly killing people by drinking all their blood and regulars can just pick this for a free almost murderbone pass. I had an issue recently where a brujah could just keep wordlessly killing everyone they see to “drink blood in frenzy” where I had no way to check how much blood they had already drank in frenzy, nor was i sure if they had one too and couldnt see if it was valid. In my opinion, brujahs should be less common, maybe they could be called in as some kind of support unit for other suckers, but lorewise i really have no idea what kind of objective they should have considering theres never usually enough bloodsuckers on the station to enforce the masquerade either.

Sorry that I worded myself poorly with my last sentence. I also dont think that the “single lane” gameplay is a very good method specially since its ‘almost kill anybody for blood’ type. And that if no good suggestions come from this they could be moved to some other role/removed if they don’t provide fun & engaging antag gameplay for the bloodsucker and its ‘hunters’.

One idea that popped into my mind from your “support” thing, was that Brujah could be the outcome from fully leveled up vassal of a Venture clan (rebelling from his “parent” so to say lore-wise).

But I’ll stop posting and wait for some feedback that are my ideas complete thrash in general.

The Malkavian have a lot of lore, so maybe for their objectives it could relate to one of their most unique traits.This could either be the sect that acts kind of like heretics in that they practice haruspex and collect twisted trophies, or the shared hivemind “cobweb” they have. (Re Ling hivemind,but maybe with a hard group goal like converting a shielded command member to show them dark answers or something to spite mindshields)

Frenzy is more of a rage response than hunger, at least in some of the fiction it based on. Maybe it being a strong boost when the bloodsucker is put into hardcrit would make more sense, and make the sec gang a little more scared when the bloodsucker suddenly is stun/flash proof and has auto aggrograb for their last 100 HP. Fortitude could be reworked because its samey, or frenzy would have a hard cost like needing to drain someone dry and having a debuff to mood to represent the drop in humanity.

Brujah suck, in tabletop and here lol. Their big thing is making things then breaking them down, and being contrarians. They could have a more roleplay based objective that has varying difficulty depending on where you build. (Something like vassalize X from Y different departments to build the budding colony for Brujah antitribu and the Sabbat(A foil organization to the Camarilla, but thats really just flavor)