Blueshields - The oldest dicussion in Fulp Discord

I think most of you know who the Blueshield is (Especially if you’re ‘was’ in Discord).
They’re bodyguard of command members (heads), and their full purpose is to make sure they don’t fall dead in maintance. In this thread I want to show the facts and some arguments for and against it.

Rights & things that Blueshield should have:

  • A disabler (or energy gun) and secbelt (or telescopic baton) so he can do something about someone attacking head (Please note that they ARE NOT a Security and cannot catch criminals, they only must handcuff/shoot those who threatens heads or them)
  • Fancy armor and uniform to show off that they’re in fact a - BLUESHIELD :sunglasses: (Will have same armor protective variables as sec armor, or it can be higher/cover more bodyparts)
  • Crew pinpointer and a portable crew sensors. (Maybe we can make special version which only shows heads sensors, and points only on heads.)
  • Almost full access(?), as his job is to protect heads he needs to have access to every department and every heads office. This is debatble because of knowing his job is also to proect captain, and giving him access to captain office is kinda dangerous. (This probably will mean he will need a golden/centcom ID card trim. Although he will be the second person on station who will be able to contact CC by comms console.)
  • POSSIBLY Central Command comms, because of him being a special agent from CC to protect very valuable heads (Which take medium-high places in NT Corporate chain of command), he might have CC comms to make him more unique, and also give abillity to more closely communicate with ERT (Which is rare anyway).
  • If this even possible, he needs his own office and a locker, knowing that this sounds like a more better idea to PR on TG. (Or we can just make Blueshield unique to fulp only maps :sunglasses:)

Cons of Blueshield:

  • Even one guy with the stun baton and gun near some head almost 24/7 can be a pain in antag ass, especially when he also watches their vitals FULLY 24/7 so they can rush in and robust ya ass. (Although this is also mostly skill issue)
  • You can already take some random sec officer and give him a silver ID with the fancy name “Blueshield”, so he will walk around you and protect you. (Not every officer will agree to bodyguard someone, also you cannot give them a Blueshield appropriate access so they can protect every head and not only you. Also no fancy suit :pensive:)
  • Heads already (mostly) have energy guns and flashes, and also ALL of them have telescopic batons which already makes them pretty protected against general threats like a greytider. (Still makes them vulnurable against groups or powerful ‘especially ranged’ gear)
  • Players might play it just to validhunt with (possible) AA and fancy armor. (This must be bannable and written in job expectations, or else this will be a very major problem.)

Reasons why Security isn’t Blueshield:

  • If you say that this is security job, I will say “Not so”, because security mostly busy trying to catch antags or beating greytiders, and not protecting heads.
  • Deputies? Maybe… but deputies more busy protecting their department then head, and head can be outside of department (CE fixing stuff, CMO helping paramedics, RD scanning items, HOS validhunting and etc)
  • And other security job are irrevelant for that too. (Detective must investigate crimes and not run with his revolver protecting people, Warden can and MUST sit at brig and overwatch it and Brig Doc is literally a doctor duh.)


At the end of this, I wanna know what you guys think about it. What blueshield should and should not have in your opinion? Is it even worth it? What problems it can cause?

Fuck no

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just no

Let’s say hypothetically I was an assistant and I had five IED’s in my bag and two Spear bombs,Can I kill this dude without getting in trouble?

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fuck off, no


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Security is, essentially, blueshield when antags are obviously targeting command (as in revs), and when they’re not, there’s no real need for Blueshields. I honestly can’t imagine a more boring job than having to sit around the bridge waiting for someone to attack the captain (which doesn’t always happen).
Anything explicitly to do with central command is not going to be given to player roundstart, ever, because that channel is only meant for admin interactions. Not even the captain has access to CC comms. As far as I’m aware, there isn’t really a way to make jobs only show up on certain maps, so that’d be a whole additional headache to code. Also, maps are supposed to be generally equal; this would unbalance that by quite a bit. Honestly, this just reads like command deputies, which isn’t needed and doesn’t add much to the game, imo.

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As far as I’m aware, there isn’t really a way to make jobs only show up on certain maps

You see, there’s supposed to be, but it hasn’t worked in ages.

someone should blueshield my eyes from this post

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Do you honestly expect a person with a telebaton and extended access to just guard one person whole shift?


i didn’t read the post but im gonna say i like the way that riot shields are grey, blue riot shields would look weird and im just not a fan of that.


i cant read so idk what any of this is about but i think its a bad idea


It’s just… Too HRP. It would be so fucking boring to be the Captain’s bodyguard a whole ass 2 hour shift


We should MAKE the opposite I want a REDSHIT but his job is GUARDING assitants AND KILLING security yeah LIKE if YOU THINK THIS IS AGOOD IDEA!!!


There’s no way in hell I’d merge a blueshield PR. Please do not waste your time coding or porting this.


don’t care + ratio


Aren’t deputies already pretty much the “blueshield” of their corresponding department. What would this add that deputies and sec aren’t already capable doing?

You mean Redshi(r)t? Who’s job is to die as soon as there’s any sign of danger.

All command