Bob Weed Moment #13504 Concern him, an Officer, and RR-184

Byond Account: Jonnakas
Character Name(s): Billy D. Willard / DIGNITY / V4LD
Discord Name: πŸ‘‘ 𝔍𝔬π”₯𝔫 π’₯𝒢𝒸𝓀 "π”‰π”―π”žπ”«π” π”’" π”šπ”¦π”©π”©π”žπ”―π”‘ πŸ‘‘
Round ID: 13504
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Bob Weed
What happened:

So I was observing the round to kill time, and wasn’t really paying attention to command, at some point I understood it was heretic gamemode since runes were in maint. Bob Weed was captain and was executing antag for being antag without a care in the world about HEotC rule.

(sadly I didn’t take screen and I forgot you can not scroll up very far once round is over)

  • :red_circle:The first incident:red_circle: came with the person of Magnus Lombardi, an engineer, he suspected of being an heretic since he was seen near a rune, and since previously he had :

  • shove stun Bob Weed (vague deadchat version) / try to murder captain (Bob Weed version)
    had red eyes so he’s an heretic (yes this is real)

  • So since he was set to arrest I observe him to see if he have heretic thing in his inventory, I see nothing, not even a thing an engineer shouldn’t have. I listen to the conversation as Magnus Lombardi locked himself up in the pod and 3 officers (don’t got the name sorry) wait outside. Magnus say to forgive him he used lemon grenade to defend himself, he had to defend himself yady yada. (Totally sus but anyway)
    He then exit pod by himself to surrender and get welcomed by 5-8 stun baton hit, next he’s dragged on the hallway and searched, they remove his internals for some reasons (a big problem of the round was distro being bad and oxygen not being enough for the station, everyone having to have internals on and screaming to call shuttle). Without internals Magnus then begin to gasp and suffocate and while in soft ask multiples time for his oxygen back, officers don’t care and ask execution permission to cap multiples times, AI is asking them to be sure (to prevent human harm, by the way Bob Weed decided heretics are not humans in that round, not made a law for, just screamed to AI about it and harm borg wanting to protect them like humans.) Then Bob Weed tell them to kill him, so the officer kill the soft crit suffocating man with harmbatons.

  • Now that’s for a different person but please get this guy fucking job ban for that :
    at this point they searched him and found nothing and killed him anyway.
    AI β€œAre you sure he was one ?”
    Officer W " Yes"
    The fucking officer lies to AI to justify an unlawful execution he took part in

Magnus Lombardi get executed for being an heretic without proof.

At the end of the round I confront Bob about the engineer :



  • :orange_circle:The second incident:orange_circle: is about Sore Yew the CMO, it’s easier to explain.
    It’s just that because nitriles gloves were found in abandonned medbay, an heretic was a doctor, then they saw Sore Yew the CMO in the abandonned room = SHE’S AN HERETIC, KILL
    They had no proof what so ever about comited capital crimes but got full ham on her, obliging her to use her heretic ability to escape, therefore justifying to murder her. While CMO was in crit dragged to brig a borg tried to save her because human harm (Since AI master was following Bob Weed definitions, not sure if they are based or not) Bob Weed them immediatly call him malf and shot Ion on him, then told sec that every borg helping heretics are malf. Bob Weed killed her himself when she got dragged in brig, while HoS and officer were thinking if they didn’t break the law or something.
    Calling them idiots, because she’s an HERETIC.

  • :no_entry:Third incident :no_entry: is about ERP terms in general. After Bob Weed the best captain ever killed 3 peoples without giving a care about sec/AI/crew opinion, AI used Vox to tell :
    β€œCaptain to medical for johnson inspection”

  • after that Bob Weed feeling his manlyhood was threaten proceeded to tell about his gigantic/immense/colossal cock/penis/dick/etc. Could have been funny in other circomstances but for everyone after all he did, it was just a cringe babyman asserting pitiful virilism to justify his trust in his bad actions.

  • :robot: Fourth and last incident :robot: is about Magnus Lombardi now dead, getting back in the round has a posibrain miner borg named RR-184. Few times after Bob Weed told us about the tool between his leg, RR-184 come out of nowhere and murdered Bob Weed as a borg on assimov laws, purely out of spite. We all though it was deserved and RR-184 knew he would be banned, but I’m reporting this because it just make Bob Weed smug to deal that to him. (proof being when I told him to go die in a hole (very smart me) he instant though I was one of the heretics he killed.)

So that’s all, I was lazy as observer and didn’t took a lot of screens that could have helped you all. I really though someone would made a patrol about it, but seems I need to do it. :neutral_face:

Best of luck in the logs :policeman:‍♂ :policewoman:

PS : For the comments, as much as I hate the guy remember that you need to be overly cautious with arguments to goes in your way, no sophism or appeal to the crowd, thanks. :pray:

Captain Guillaume Billy D. β€œFrance” John Jack de Willard Corporation.
also called D.I.G.N.I.T.Y. when NT want to make a radio show

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Appropriate actions have been taken, thank you for taking the time to file a grief patrol.
Closing the thread.