Books don't Work

This might be well-known information already and I’m late to the party, but all books past Book #418 - The Quran (That’s the actual name of the book not a joke.) have broken formatting. The first book with broken formatting is Book #419 - it makes me laugh. It is impossible to make new books with formatting (as far as I can tell.)

I assume a big update broke everything.

Also, this only affects books (paper documents are fine), and only affects new books (old books are fine) for some reason. Paper documents are fine (until you book bind them) and it seems like there’s no workaround. Tried pasting paper markup after the book was generated - didn’t work. Using weird formatting like BBCode, HTML, or anything like that also doesn’t work. Seems like not a single book managed to find a way to get past the broken formatting.

When do you guys think this will be fixed? Dunno if it’s a fulp or a tgstation problem.

Kind of sad not being able to make new books or see new books be made.

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yeah books allways been broken, its kinda annoying because there are a few gems in the pile of texts, but ya know one in a 100 and that.
also theres some good reads but all the manuals are broken