Borg Mary arrests me for crimes committed as Rev. Re-education Rule Breaking

Byond Account: Viacell

Character Name(s): Gene (Was a clown at the time, my clown name was Melvin Brother Of The Joker)

Discord Name: Bowie#3847

Round ID: 11404

Griefer Byond account: N/A

Griefer Byond name: (In-game name was Mary, a borg)

What happened: I was a rev and destroyed two borgs, one of them being Mary. During the time that Mary was dead and before they came back, I was re-educated and cleared of my crimes. The “Re-education” rule is found on the Space law page. Anyways Mary came back and meta-gamed, and tried arresting me despite me not being wanted and having been mindshielded, they chased me around the station while I tried telling them I was mindshielded and I was sorry. They kept trying to chase me despite this. Finally, I was in medbay talking to the warden about Mary and they came in and tried batoning me, I flashed and just tried running, begging the warden for help. Eventually, they harmbatoned me once or twice, cuffing me, and dragging me to prison saying that 'You killed me and another borg." They kept me in a cell and never gave me a timer until the round ended.

I’m just disappointed the Borg had no regard at all for the Re-education premise or me trying to explain that I was a changed me. This is just about someone who just wanted me locked away because I killed them. I don’t know if borgs follow the same law of amnesia after death but all that happened so I might as well just report this in just in case.

I was one of the wardens (Annie Something) in that round, i saw the borg attacking the clown, i tell the borg to stop but he didnot stop also the clown in that moment was in “set to arrest” but he was alredy mindshield. all of this was in cargo.

Thanks for responding. Just wanted some clarity. This grief patrol can be voided.

Looks like this has been taken care of and was a genuine mistake.