Borg named D.E.L.M.A. brokes its laws and killed me as a ling

Byond Account: Grinshady

Character Name(s):Purrcy Feline, Borgbud65 (my name when I was brought back as a borg)

Discord Name: grinshady01

Round ID: 11850

Griefer Byond account: Didn’t get it

Griefer Byond name: D.E.L.M.A.

What happened: I was caught as a ling attempting to murder an Atmos Technician, the borg (who did not witness any of this) brought me to xeno where they were holding me.
I of course tried lying through my teeth and the borg said I can go, turning off the shields but not moving and when I attempted to move them they turned on the shields and immediately gibbed me.
The xeno who witnessed all this, Koibumi Takada, can also back this story up (I hope)
Yeah so I died and apparently the borg had reporter laws so that definitely didn’t justify murdering me on the spot and it sure didn’t get permission form the HoS or Captain to straight up murder me.

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Yes, I saw all of this, but I think Sore took care of this on the round because I reported it to them inmediately.

This has been taken care of.