Borgs bolting evac shuttle airlocks open, spacing shuttle. AND A BONUS SLUR!

Byond Account: MentalCow
Character Name(s): Danny Boy
Discord Name: Mental#6402
Round ID: 17903
Date: 11/12/21(im eur*pean)
Griefer IC name: G.B(maybe), Default Android-275(maybe), Default Android-156 (maybe), Peacekeeper Cyborg-798, Sergei Garcia (definitely(homophobic))
Griefer Byond account (if known): vers686(maybe), thedonkey123(maybe), kazcore(maybe), Mini9999(maybe), Arulpragasam (definitely(homophobic))

What happened: on the shuttle to centcom, noticed every single door and airlock around the sec/command area of the shuttle was bolted open, causing people to die from the low pressure or suffocate, i saw a jani borg and a peacekeeper borg nearby, i don’t know which one was doing it but every borg was on expenses lawset the entire shift.

about 3 minutes before the shuttle came back we were chasing Sergei Garcia in space and he said “See ya fags” on the sec comms, i ahelped it but got no response, and thats why i didn’t ahelp the borgs either like 4 minutes afterwards because it was still too soon since my last ahelp.

(man i wish i’d remember to save my chat logs before byond does the funny reset the entire chatlogs thing, apologies for this being a messy grief patrol)

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I was the AI this round. None of my borgs ever talked on borg radio, and I remember complaints about android-275 about them cutting wires on doors and bolting them. When the shuttle arrived, I saw the doors in the evac area repeatedly getting bolted closed.

Both are gone, thanks for bringing it up.