Bridget Compton, mass greytiding

Byond Account: Solb
Character Name(s): R.I.B.Bit
Discord Name: Solb#4343
Round ID: 10849
Griefer Byond account: ???
Griefer Byond name: Bridget Compton
What happened:
For at least two rounds now, I’ve seen the exact same thing happened. As a non-antag, they break into tech storage for the insulated gloves, they break into the teleporter room for the hand teleporter, they break into the armoury for the guns, they break into the captains room for his locker, they grab the fireaxe and use it to break open every secure locker with goods in it. In fact, as I’m writing this, they spawned as an engineer and immediately stole my atmos fireaxe and broke into the security post for the locker.
The first round, I stunned them and brigged them for ~5 minutes (They were resisting arrest as well), confiscating all their items and they went SSD in response. The second round, the whole thing played out again with them also taking the janicart

I saw that guy running around with the captain’s locker, also I had to fix the explosion for the hand tele too So I can confirm that guy is a shitter.

I was a janitor cleaning outside teleporter room when I saw them hacking into teleporter room,
I had called them out and they started breaking into captain’s room.
Overall absolute shitter.

Also had a stunprod when I led the detective into the teleporter room to get him. Claimed they were just “hanging around” and left

Yea I managed to catch them doing this exact thing during a round today, so they have been dealt with. Permanently. Thanks for filling out a grief patrol though!