Bruhsyster371 ban appeal

Byond Account:Bruhsyster371
Character Name(s):Maxim Wentzel
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Квадратик#9091
Round ID of Ban:13036
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):Round 13036: Murderboned most of sec as a ling, you know this is against our antag policy as you have been warned against it before read our rules before you ban is up(3day antag).

State your appeal: So I was a c-ling that round, got hiero, asked another changeling for a drake armour, unfortunately that changeling also brought crystal which strips and gives everyone a clumsy mutation. I put on my drake armour, turned on pheromone receptors and gone RnD to find changeling for my objective, I successfully find him, after some fiddling with clumsy mutation I kill and absorb him. I go to brig via hierophant staff, literally just passing by 2 lings breaking a reinforced glass into the armory ,Im saying “Hi” to them and keep going to HoS office. I successfully obtain HoS laser and get out of there via hierophant "dash’ ability. Then I just trying to find Igor Bogdanoff, but don’t succeed because he already had been killed. Then Seraphin, the ling that initially gave me drake armour, says he didn’t get reply from admins(he asked to change the objective so he won’t need to kill me) we do a little duel in which we are both so powerful we can’t kill each other ||I could’ve just stunbatonned him and absorbed but that won’t be fun||, he says we both redtext, then I just tp out via hiero staff on the pod and win.
That’s basically a small retelling of that round from my side. Yeah, clown crystal was a mess, but I didn’t use it against sec, nor I tried to kill anyone aside from my objectives/self-defence.

P.S Looking into grief report maybe will get you more into details Ling murderbone and killbait in no admin hours

I double checked this and it turns out i have the slow brain, unbanned, an admin can still look into this if they want