Bug Report - Craftable Toilets Can Delete Items

Some admin told me to do a bug report here, so here

Repro Steps:
Step 1: Build toilet (diamond, gold, silver, etc.)
Step 2: Crowbar toilet
Step 3: Insert item to be deleted (Most box sized or smaller items work, such as ammo boxes and smuggler satchels, this also applies to the items inside of the container)
Step 4: Wrench the toilet to deconstruct it
Step 5: Witness that you get returned your toilet making material, but nothing that was inside of it

Grief potential: Delete whatever you want from the game! Do it with AI filled intellicards! Do it with important items like the nuke disk or the HoS’ gun! Do it with cyborg skeletons!

Coding Involved: Make toilet drop items inside of it on wrench

Note: I was not able to test with items that respawn (e.g. nuke disk), so I’m not certain if it deletes them or simply puts them in an unaccessable inventory


I know this thread is really old but, i will see if it still unfixed muahahahah