Bullke's Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Bullke

Character Name(s): Marcel

Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Caio Bandeira#5800

Round ID of Ban: round 23581

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

Might be worth it to see the imgur


The ban reason is: Core 2- self antag
As a non-antag mime, repeatedly shoved another player into an electrified grille

State your appeal:

He went inside a rage cage and as soon as i pushed him and crit him i started dragging him to medbay, but the dude that shows up in the print said to me to keep building and that he would take him there.

I’ve seen multiple rage cages, as a matter of fact 2 only today, people knows what goes on in there. I didn’t shove him into some random electrified grill. I don’t see that as “self antagging”, it could be something else, but i think “self antaging” doesn’t fit propperly.

Even if this ban doesn’t get appealed i think 7 days for this is a bit too much, i didn’t perma him nor anyone else, and immediatly went to get him treatment.

Anyway, thanks for reading it!

Sorry if the appeal ended up in a shitty format, no clue how that happened haha

The rage cage isn’t the issue the issue is you killed the shit out of the dude. Rage cage you can crit people thats fine and how a fight works but stun locking someone into the electric grille till theyre way past the point of crit is to far. The reason this is a week ban is because not even 20 hours ago in game time you had another fighting related issue. The only time you can kill another player is

  1. If there is a delta level threat like nukies
  2. youre executing someone as hos with the okay from the capt
  3. youre a traitor with a kill objective
    Theres very few times you’re allowed to fully kill someone outside of these examples.