Bun235 Mentor Application

Byond Account: bun235
Character Name(s): Slips-On-Floor (+Privacy Invasion System as AI)
Discord Name: bun #9995
Age: 18
Timezone: GMT
Active hours: Usually when i come on i will play for most of the day, but sometimes i log on quite late.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: No

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?

Engineering is my main department that most of my playtime is in. I know almost all of engi, including some more obscure things such as tcomms and repairing a destroyed grav gen. I have a deep understanding of atmos although I do not know absolutely everything due just how much there is to learn.

I also have a pretty good understanding of Silicons and am familiar with AI shortcuts. I think i am pretty good when it comes to law interpretation although i do not know how relevant that would be as a mentor.

I'm familiar with most aspects of the game to some degree. I learned most of them on tg a while back and may be somewhat outdated (especially chem which i know has changed a lot). But overall I have at least basic knowledge in every job, the only exception being security which I am not interested in playing.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

I notice that a lot of player’s say they know nothing about engineering and especially atmos. I often dedicate full rounds just to teaching someone that is new by showing them some basic things like apc repair, how to use rcd, and how to print new tools and build machines. I’m hoping that as a mentor i will be able continue to do this as well as help people that seek help with mhelp instead of asking someone IC.


holy fuck an atmos player (crazy person) +1

how do you have 700 living hours and ive never seen you once


Nerd having most hour on atmo tech.

fellow atmosian +1

Absolutely +1 - you make an effort to RP whenever I see you and you have never had any issues as far as following the rules goes.

need more atmos mentors. plz help.

+1 Friendly and active in discord, and we desperately need engie mentors! Teach me atmos please

Slips is cool +1

Atmos nerd +1

Slips :slight_smile:

Cool atmosian +1

It took you long enough! +1

I don’t know who this is

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how do so many people not know slips

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The medbay mains never leave medbay. We’re like stoop kid from hey Arnold

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no one knows how to answer atmos mhelps +1

Haven’t interacted with you but you seem chill enough +1 :smiley_cat:

+1 Never had a issue with you, and from what I see you always RP well

Seen a couple people mention not recognizing me so i think i should mention that i recently came back from a short break of playing ss13
Just became busy irl and didn’t have time to play full rounds and ended up playing other games in that time which i wanted to finish so i was gone for probably 1-2 months.
Made the application now that i am playing regularly again