Bunny Person Race

Discussed in discord, I believe this would be a cool new race to add into the game.

Design:There design would be simple,just a human with bunny tails and ears,being able to customize colours.


Positives: Can hear slightly better.They’d be able to hear things slightly louder,or hear things from a tile or two more.
There main positive,would be the ability to crawl under tables,and hide there essentially.To make this not stupidly overpowered there would be a way to detect this in game upon examination of a table. Such as ‘You faintly hear breathing under the table’ or something similar.
There kicks do a bit more damage,that is if you can get them on the ground.

Neutral: There movement,which would consist of hopping two tiles,similar to limping.This would be around the same speed as normal running and walking.
There movement would make getting hit and hitting people far harder,due to the unorthodox movement.
Negatives: The first big one is automatically having the anxiety trait,making them have to avoid large crowds and such.
They would also only be able to eat fruit and vegetables,like the inverse lf lizards.
There punches would do a bit less damage than other races,making them even shittier in combat.

This is a general overview.There is other stuff I’d add or remove to make it more balanced jf I thought it over.

If bunny people were to be added,they would be a non-combative race,relying more on running and hiding. There able to fight in self-defense with shoved and kicking but if makes them terrible at being the aggressor.

But also just think of all the bunny art that could be made ^-^

I don’t see it. It doesn’t really add anything, the game has enough animal races.

This, and the perks sound mostly like the easter bunny suit