Bwoink - Antag rolling

Byond Account:stygoo
Character Name(s):roscoe sulyard
Discord Name:stygoo#7454
Round ID:14573, 14575, 14582, 14594, 14602
Griefer Byond account: amitech
Griefer Byond name: Bwoink

What happened:
All of these rounds are from yesterday, and today. Bwoink very consistently either goes ssd/ghosts/kills himself very early into the round, likely to antag roll, while wasting unique job slots only 2 players can take.

14573 - Went ssd for the entire round 4 minutes in.

14575 - Killed himself with the russian revolver 3 minutes in and instantly soul departed.

14582 - Instantly went into a cryogenic freezer and ghosted, sadly the round crashed so there will likely be no logs of this

14594 - Went ssd 3 minutes in


14602 - Was ssd for 10 minutes and after about 5 minutes of playing they suicided in medbay.

More examples

Round 14624

Round 14626 - They rolled antag and didnt go SSD

Round 14643 - Hopped in the cryopod less than 5 minutes into the round (Their non Clown name is Clark Green)

Round 14645 - Moved to cryostorage 7 minutes into the round, roundremoving himself.

Also want to point out he’s been banned from both Beestation and Yogstation for similar things;

Bonus screenshot with unknown Round ID:

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This has been dealt with, thanks for the report!