By far the most toxic player I have encountered

Byond Account: Yung_Foot_Lettuce

Character Name(s): Cesar Fear

Discord Name: Yung Foot Lettuce#2600

Round ID: 10664

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Character name: Breanna Sulyard

What happened:
I was an atmos tech. I had set up a quick trit farming turbine. Breanna Sulyard came into turbine where I was working they then started calling the set up shit and what not and being an all around douche. The setup was meant to get hot trit for fusion where I don’t need an abundance. When I disagreed and told them that keeping my tritium hot was good for fusion they came back with the fire axe and tried to tritum flood the place by breaking the full cannisters. I then robusted them into crit and brought them to medbay hoping they had learned a valuable lesson about tritum flooding. They did not. As soon as they could stand they came back and tritum flooded the place. I tried to robust them a second time to bring them to sec but they killed me, decapitated me and then threw my head into space. After this they SSDed to avoid admins. They were not an antag, the murder, griefing, and general toxicity was all over the fact they didn’t like hot tritium…

Please, make sure next time to include proper round ID, as you have provided ID of crashed round. Anyway, I got it and it has been dealt with, thanks for the report!

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