Cant figure out how to use crystalizers to make plasma

Ok so ive been trying to use crystalizers and thermomachines to make plasma but i have an issue because i can never seem to get the temp to stay between 10 and 20 K, everytime it gets close to 20, it resets back to 30 k and the progress bar just moves to 7% then go back.

I dont know what else to do, ive used the highest grade of matter bins and micro-lasers, even used 3 freezers.

Please can anyone help me, i’ve even tried using a gas pump but to not available, my set up is 3 crystalizers, 3 freezers with 2 connectors in which i put plasma canisters on top.

The settings and requirements are the same for all 3

the settings are the same for all the thermomachines as well