Cap and brig phys being shitters and legit just breaking rules and space law at the same time

Byond Account: Akride
Character Name(s): Jill Huey at that time (Warden)
Discord Name: 𝖇𝖇𝖖 π–˜π–†π–šπ–ˆπ–Š 𝖔𝖓 π–™π–Žπ–™π–™π–Žπ–Šπ–˜#8706
Round ID: 16707
Date: 17 / 09 / 2021
Griefer IC name: Captain don’t remember their names. Brig phys (same)
Griefer Byond account (if known): X

What happened: That cap asked us to perma multiple people, were bitching about everything, and then went ssd at half shift. (e.g. two clowns trespassed in hop office and slipped him and the cap. He β€œordered” us to perma both. In the end they spent so much time trying to do the procedures etc. that they decided to throw the two clowns in brig with like 10 minutes. They probably spent 20 or more minutes in brig total. One of the clowns even just went ssd.) Just job ban the dude or whatever thanks.

Same for the brig phys: i’m chilling in warden’s office trying to sort the armory that just got stormed by a teleporting maniac, when i hear on radio : β€œExecuting leroy”. I answer with the usual β€œDid you get cap’s permission ?” which is follow by a swift β€œno”. In the end this started a clusterfuck riot in perma. Of course they went rogue after HoS tried demoting them saying we were wrong etc.

Looked into it and handled this, thank you