Cap griefing miner

Byond Account: Dr_Canes
Character Name(s): Punished Armstrong
Discord Name: Showmewhatyougot
Round ID: 22185
Date: 9/13/22
Griefer IC name: Eva Trounce
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Eva Trounce removed my backpack and perma’ed my character for “contraban” which was lavaland loot from Plantvault, which I specifically informed them. I was not valid hunting or anything.

They seemed to be griefing others too. For instance, they lasered a borg to death outside of bridge of the escape shuttle. Definitely shot at crew members with kill laser in cargo at one point without hostile conditions or redalert status.

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Thank you for the report this has been handled!

I’ll end on a few notes:

  1. Lavaland loot is not supposed to be used on station and arming yourself or the crew without a proper threat is not allowed.

  2. Do not ick ock about the situation and threaten others with grief patrols IC. If you are going to grief patrol then just do so without antagonizing the player in game over it AND specially do not go around the station trying to get other players to gang up on the target of your personal frustration over an IC incident.