Captain almost kills me for protesting peacefully and wanting access

Byond Account:mibmob
Character Name(s):Broken Fibula
Discord Name:mibmob
Round ID:27742
Griefer IC name:Koho Usta
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: At the start of the round I wanted to get access to cargo and maintenance to start my own kitchen in the vacant commissary, however as the captain said no and both department heads said no I decided to protest peacefully by playing my synthesiser, jumping and screaming repeatedly. Of course this causes a nuisance but I do not hurt anyone else in the process, meanwhile the captain almost kills me with lethals and threatens to terminate my employment - meanwhile, this could’ve been easily resolved if I had been given access. I asked politely at roundstart but since I got only threats I felt this was appropriate to protest.


T.Hanks for the report this has been looked into.

Command does not have an obligation to grant access to crew members if they don’t wish to do so.

For the record my eyes was caught on how long your game logs were in particular. You managed to say 200 things during a 2 hour shift, but you spammed Scream, Screech and Jump around 5200-ish times during the shift which means if my short math is correct: you emoted every 2 seconds during it.

In the future I’d like you to keep in mind Core 6). Do not spam