Captain basically permabrigged me for trespassing unwillingly

Byond Account: TheMuffinMan

Character Name(s): Miley Muggins

Discord Name: TheMuffinMan

Round ID: 9603

Griefer Byond account: —

Griefer Byond name: All I know is they were the Captain.
[I wanna say Devin Earl, but I don’t wanna point fingers on something I’m not 100% sure about.]

What happened: I went afk in the sec hallway while putting up posters at around 7-10 minutes in. I came back to find myself in brig and being stripped. Apparently someone dragged me into a restricted area and when I explained to the captain that I had SSD’d and didn’t go there willingly he just said “I caught your ass” and walked off. After like 20-30 minutes talking with a lawyer their partner managed to talk to captain about it and he refused to allow me a trial. When there was about 4 minutes on Shuttle ETA someone from Sec let me out and I was finally able to go.

Really this just highlights the dangers of going SSD. While I do hope you get some justice I would advise next time hiding in a locker.

Sorry, but it seems that the round soft crashed and then continued, so no post-round logs were actually saved for us to review. Making an ahelp in round is always the most reliable, if you didn’t do that. But otherwise, not much we can do.