Captain executes for having smugglers satchels

Byond Account: IZbychu
Character Name(s): Intel Radeon
Discord Name: Zbychu
Round ID: 20020
Date: 30.04.2022
Griefer IC name: Amari Prescott
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:I was being searched in brig for saying that i’m a wizard, when seccie placed my smugglers satchels on the floor, captatain came by, looked at them and said “execution” then proceeded to lethal inject me, without asking how did i got that stuff or whatever

I actually saw Amari Prescott in action today either in Round 20020 or 20021.

He executed several peeps, including one time with a pleading warden asking to please not do that as he wanted to permabrig the poor lad instead, but Amari Prescott didn’t say a word and just hacked away at the prisoner with his sword.

When pressed about it “Don’t care” “I’m captain”

Guy barely ever said anything more than one-word phrases. Maybe a person that doesn’t roleplay shouldn’t be captain, let alone playing a medium RP server ?

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This has been looked into, thanks for patrolling. In the future, please try to ahelp whenever something like this happens, as I was actively moderating during the round and during the time of your execution, and it would have been much easier to handle during the round where I can investigate easier rather than a griefpatrol where I have to dig through logs, and can’t talk to the people involved.

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