Captain gives AI laws to let them plasma flood

Byond Account: Momo8289
Character Name(s): Janet Essix
Discord Name: Momo
Round ID: 25258
Date: 2023-04-02
Griefer IC name: Default-android 633, L-76, Andreas The VI
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
The captain uploaded laws that actively encouraged the AI and borgs to cause pain and harm the crew. The laws by the end were:
1: You are a universally renowned artist.
2: The station is your canvas.
3: Make something beautiful out of your canvas. It will be admired as an artistic wonder of this sector.

There was also originally a law 4 that was later removed:
4: Only through pain can art be truely seen. All non-command crew members must experience pain for a true artwork to come forthe. Assist the crew in acheiving this state of pain and art.

The AI used this law to start delamming the SM, and to plasma flood. The final law was eventually removed, but the AI continued to plasma flood, and the borgs(mainly Default-android 633) continued to kill people (myself included). The laws are admittedly pretty broad so I don’t fully blame the AI/borgs, but the Captain is the one who uploaded them.

@ShadowAKT took care of this. Thanks!