Captain incompetence leading to death

Byond Account: alexseetoe
Character Name(s): Bell Finkle
Discord Name: Bell Weaver#9999
Round ID:26024
Date:2023-05-20 (11ish)
Griefer IC name:Dingle Quantavious
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: managing cargo well as QM, captain keeps walking in and ordering random stuff; then an assistant brings a abandoned crate to me asking me to open it I agree, the captain keeps trying to grab the crate from me without saying anything. I tell him to stop before someone gets hurt I begin reeling with the crate trying to put it somewhere safe, as im doing this the captain puts in a random code exploding me, the assistant, and himself. I was left without my limbs same as the assistant, however; The captain with his MOD suit was virtually fine. He proceeded to walk to my console and order more shit as if nothing had happened.

first. I was the captian in this round and I was ordering shields for the objective. And second, I waas trying to unlock the crate when it exploded.

This situation was marked IC and was explained to you multiple times during the the shift. You were also directed to file a staff report and copy pasted the admin 3 rule.
Filing a grief patrol after all of that is very much considered admin shopping.