Captain valid hunting

Byond Account:
Character Name(s): Jake MacJackington
Discord Name:Jake#8198
Round ID:17675
Griefer IC name: Spays Rinkle
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

basically this captain acted as a security officer for most of the round, i was a traitor i carefully hid my steal objectives in a secluded location, prints of my ins gloves were found on the captain room, HoS demands for engineering to be raided and all engineers to be bag searched, Officer Rays almond was the one who first searched me.

After the raid is over i proceed to grab my loot to move it onto a safer spot; that’s when the captain comes in fully kitted in sec gear and stun baton and pretends a bag search.

I politely decline as he’s not security, plus all of engineer was bag searched a few minutes prompting him to call for an officer if they really want me searched again.

Guy tells me he can do whatever he wants, stuns me cuffs me and turns me in upon finding my loot.

Look i don’t mind getting caught, if it were an officer i wouldn’t so much bat an aye, but to have the freaking captain storm in my department right after a security raid, fully kitted in sec gear bag searching people is a bit much.

This has been dealt with, thank you for writing a report.