cardsnapper/Gnarf ban appeal: I forgot to follow procedure

Byond Account: cardsnapper
Character Name(s): Gnarf
Discord Name: Slime man#4304
Round ID of Ban: 12911
Ban Message:
State your appeal: Okay so, there are 2 things i need to address here the sexual joke i made, and the more important one, that i killed a crewmember without thinking thoroughly about if they were an antag as cap.

I’ll start with the easier one first, the smex joke. The AI had made a joke about me using it’s hard drive to transer 3 terrabytes of porn, i played along. Later, someone said he saw a borg bring a dead felinid into the AI sat and stated that the AI is quite kinky. when i saw that i used that time to make a very shitty joke: “AI state your fetishes”. I got bwoinked, I found out the AI got bwoink, i suspect the guy who said the AI was kinky got bwoinked end of story and not really why i’m writing this appeal.

Okay so, the big one! There was a guy who came in dragging a cuffed lizard in crit and screamed to me and the rest of sec HERETIC! i noticed the guy as someone who started the shift by going around the halls stunning everyone, so i thought in that moment that this guy must be a heretic, and instead of doing what i should have done and let the warden and everyone else check his pack and disscus what they should do with him amongst themselves my monkey brain decided to slice the shit out of him. I very quickly realize my mistake as everyone starts screaming at me. So TL;DR i believed from the bottom of my heart that one of the crew was a heretic and overeacted.

I understand what i’ve done wrong here and have talked it over with the lizard guy to apologize and make sure there were no hard feelings, i don’t plan on getting out of this without a being punished but i am asking if you could maybe instead of doing a 7 day server ban, maybe do a longer sentence command ban?

I think you’re talking about me here? I was an ethereal (Ive never been a lizard) Curator, and was arrested for shoving Dwight a few times near Cargo and you walked up to me to beat me a few times just for getting arrested, not knowing what I was arrested for (it brought me to red health). After I was bucklecuffed twice, I shoved the officer that arrested me down, then they tried to baton and flashbang me, so I shovestunned and took them. I found you roaming the halls, so I batoned you specifically, a single time for beating me earlier. Way later into the round, I had already committed enough acts to be worth a permabrig sentence, and I walked into maint and found a heretic rune. An officer popped out of the locker, batoned me, and then I went along with it, making jokes about how I can teleport, and self heal. The officer believed me, first putting me to crit, then killing me when I told them I was able to heal myself. All you really did was attempt to decapitate a dead/handcuffed Curator that an officer brought to you, claiming they were a heretic.

In other words, my death was entirely my fault, for “play stupid games, win stupid prizes”

That may be true, but what I did was still drastic and I should have let sec actually check your bag before slicing the shit out of you.

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Also I don’t think I ever interacted with you before you actually batoned me. I don’t have a single memory of even attacking anyone before I killed you.

You did. you walked up to me in handcuffs at cargo and kicked me several times, saying something along the lines of calling me criminal.

Are you thinking of the HOP? I never even stepped foot in cargo.

I was observing John when this happened. You, the captain, 100% came over and punched John 3-4 times as he was in cuffs.

Well then. I don’t remember doing that but I guess that happened then.

I agree that this probably should have been a command ban, so I switched this to a role ban. You should be able to log into the server and play any non-command role. However, looking at your notes, your command play has been pretty not great overall. Please either play non-command roles or read through the RP standards.