Cargo Sec Officer imprisons me for being "sus"

Byond Account: ParkerH
Character Name(s): Bill Nye
Discord Name: Stikbug#6182
Round ID: Stikbug#6182
Date: 8/31/2022 8:50 ish CST
Griefer IC name: Pauleen Barrett
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened:

I spawn in as a scientist roundstart. Start messing with xeno, decide it’s too complicated to learn at the moment and decide that I just want to have fun. Walk over to ordnance lab, accidentally plasmaflood a small area of the ordnance lab that was handled soon after. Throughout the rest of the round I focus less on the job since RD “fired” me for the plasma flood.

She walks up to me, I notice she starts trying to get close to me so I start dodging. Who is going to let a random sec officer arrest them? Especially when my status was not set to arrest for ANYTHING. I dodge her for like twenty minutes and then she goes sets my status to arrest and she catches me with an officer beepsky. “What am I being arrested for”, i ask. She replies “you sus” and then later in sec accuses me of cutting cameras which I HAD NOT CUT ANY CAMERAS WHATSOEVER. She throws me in a cell with a timer and leaves me to rot. Cell timer expires, no one comes to let me out. Ten minutes later I eventually get checked on and someone takes me out. I am actually so upset over this taking twenty minutes out of my already limited time to play the game. I tried handling IC and there is just no one I can go to. In addition to the presence of an extremely agitated wizard blowing everyone up.

Stikbug#6182 is not a round id so please fix this if you are still wanting this handled.

didn’t even notice this but it’ll be too late as i definitely dont have the roundid anymore, can close ticket

ah sorry about that. if you happen to remember it in the future, feel free to repost it.

i do believe i found the correct round id after a little digging which is 21994 so i am going to reopen this. please do make sure you are posting correct round id in the future though. because someone else might not go through such lengths.

ok so a few things i would like to explain to you. workplace hazard in itself is an arrest-able offense but the true reason they thought you were sus is because you had no id after you were fired by rd and were running around covered in blood. RD should have made sure you were given an assistant id or something. also resisting arrest is misdemeanor 2XX section xx9 so they had full rights to put you in a cell regardless of anything else such as you mentioning them accusing you of cutting cams. this is really an IC issue so please note that for the future. handled.