Cargo tech metagrudges all over a stolen ID, wow!

Byond Account: Tramz
Character Name(s): Na-kal
Discord Name: tramz#9493
Round ID: 21148
Date: 7/10/22
Griefer IC name: Mr Dejhkli
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: I was an ID thief, and at roundstart I decided to steal the ID of a cargo tech, Mr Dejhkli, that I had spawned by. He did not respond when I did this, so I fled to lavaland with his ID and sooner or later saw him on cargo comms asking me “where his shit was”. I go back to station to deliver ore when he starts pushing me, stealing my kinetic crusher and using it on me, and taking my shoes off, cussing me out for taking his ID. The captain (Dave) came in to stop us, and was questioning both of us about what had occurred. Dave searched me and found the ID, and returned it to the tech. During the exchange, Mr Dejhkli is calling me lizard slurs (n word but with an L) and is being told by both another miner (Vivian Starr) and the captain to knock it off. Eventually he leaves me alone, and I continue to work on lavaland, while also managing to steal a few other IDs with no hassle.

Cut to the end of the round, Vivian approaches me to tell me that the cargo tech “is furious” with me and that he has a bomb he wants to use on me. I kind of laugh it off, thinking she’s kidding, and make my way to evac. Unfortunately for me, the cargo tech is there, and proceeds to throw an improvised fire bomb at my general location, which lights me on fire. He then rushes over and starts beating me to death with a fire extinguisher, and after my death he is subdued by multiple others at evac, and was knocked into crit. In his diminished state, he sits and laughs at what he did, calls me a noob and said I deserved it, and is still continuing this behavior long after my death.

Multiple witnesses saw him do it, and this was ahelped during the round but no admins were online. I’d really enjoy if something was done about this guy because he legitimately killed me with an item he shouldn’t have even had access to in the first place, and went after me long after our original confrontation that didn’t have to be violent in the first place. Attached is a screenshot of him attacking and killing me, showing it was him who had the bomb.


looking into

dealt with