CE Role Expectations

Byond Account: SpaceDragon00
Character Name(s): Beatrice Isethear
Discord Name: Beatrice
Round ID: 15215
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: Jericho Graves
What happened:

During this round the chief engineer:

  • Never put plasma tanks in the radiation collectors. The AI finally noticed and put some in roughly 50 minutes into the round
  • Started bringing up accusations of sabotage because they found plasma in the SM, even though the SM generates plasma
  • Entered the SM chamber no less than 10 times, nearly dusting themselves and venting SM gas into engineering multiple times, all for the purpose of putting a portable scrubber into the SM, in the way of the emitters
  • Put CO2 in the SM, despite the current state of it. Luckily they never added it to the filters
  • Assured people the SM was not delamming while the integrity was actively falling
  • Enabled panic siphon on the air alarm, against the wishes of the station AI, the engineer who ended up fixing the SM
  • Caused a plasmafire by venting the SM gas and using a pipe dispenser while standing in the gas
  • Never set up the SMESes
  • Blamed the problems on Icebox
  • Eventually abandoned the SM entirely, leaving a station engi and the AI to fix it
  • When returning to the SM room, got radded up (Rads were caused by the sole station engi dragging the CE’s portable scrubber into the SM by accident) and walked into medbay to take a shower, despite readily available showers in less populated locations

I normally wouldn’t patrol people for not being knowledgeable, but the head expectations exist for a reason, and this brought a supreme halt to the round for everybody, due to the lack of power generation

Hi, I’ve looked into this, thanks!