CGI_gaychild's ban appeal

Byond Account: CGI_gaychild
Character Name(s): Dallas Potter
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): I don’t use the discord
Round ID of Ban: 23897
Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):
State your appeal:

I called someone a gay slur IC during an IC disagreement. I am a gay man and sometimes use the term playfully IRL, and this unfortunately crept into my off-the-cuff IC speech. It was regrettable and this has not happened in SS13 before or since. It’s been nine months since my ban, so I think that’s quite a long sentence for this mistake.

First one was a silly name, I don’t evade a bwoink or anything, they just wanted to talk after I happened to have disconnected

Second one was… bad ckey? I mistyped “i’m gay” in as an explanation for my name (I knew I was gay since I was 9), not as anything weird. I explained it as such due to my ban from Fulp, actually, to ward off any accusations that it was supposed to be a slur

Nothing spicy at all, friend.

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Yeah I named my character Poopy. Pretty twisted criminal stuff

Bumping this. I am also appealing on beestation because my ban seems to be based on my blood brother’s action there (he was a chemist who provided me with a few explosives and did a vast majority of the bombings) and my name being “poopy”…

I’m denying this because I cant imagine things going well while youre still actively getting banned other places.