Changes in research?

I’ve noticed that there has been some changes to research, it appears toxins play an even more critical role now. The first weapons research is behind the bz gas experiment or the reaction less explosion experiment. While I think this gives more incentive to learn about toxins, it will likely cause wild variations from round to round, depending on how well toxins are doing. When even advanced engineering is behind an experiment, it will be more difficult for everyone to get their goodies.

Also ,I’m relatively new, and it was rather confusing to read up on the change, as I dont even know where exactly I can find it (on github I suppose). Some pointers would be appreciated in this regard.

the new research changes are from TG and to be honest its not that hard to learn its just if people are willing to learn a really simple thing you just

Buy a BZ canister
Cool it to a low temperature (the roundstart toxins freezers are enough)
Place an empty oxygen tank into the BZ canister and fill it with as much pressure as you can
Place it into the compression machine
Pump in Nitrogen
set it to 1t/s and wait for it to burst and using a save the results to it
go to whatever machine you downloaded NT frontier on
go to the files manager for it and download the DISK data
publish your results on NT frontier
and then your done

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I think it is good for incentive to learn more toxins. I did manage to make maxcap once, but I had no interest for the rest to be honest. Will be interesting to see


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BZ Is the easiest as you have all you need roundstard
Big boom isnt hard either

Harder is Nitrium and Hypernob, although you dont need much of each, you’ll need tritium for both.
Get good at making loads of tritium from toxins, train in atmos where you have unlimited supplies to test stuff out.
Anyway, people will have to make do when goodies are not there. At least toxins is more interesting and important than just “le boom for le mech”

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