Changing my permaban to just a roleban

Byond Account: Rawmoddles
Character Name(s): Sam Ratcliff
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): saiko!#2474 (recently changed it)
Round ID of Ban: 18931

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): “Core 3 - Sexual content as an HoP, Made an announcement inviting people to your office for “dick inspection day” - you’ve already been warned for a core 3 violation This ban (BanID #26910) was applied by Horatio22 on 2022-02-17 13:36:19 during round ID 18931, This is permanent ban”
State your appeal: The station was in chaos (Brief Griefing) since there was no security, And I was already also enjoying the fun of it a little by sending announcements as a captain, But I sadly got a little carried away by it and made that announcement, Which was just me trying to replicate a meme that I saw happen in another ss13 server. Now the reason for why I thought it would’ve been okay is that before that I had literally renamed an annoying clown “No dick, No balls”, And since I didn’t get in trouble for it, I thought it would’ve been fine to do that type of joke again. But that’s usually how my bullshit goes for bans. I do something that may be breaking the rules, I don’t get in trouble, So I try to do that again on a higher scale, And get in trouble. But the thing is that I basically have no other server to play ss13 in, And I really like this server, I got friends in here, I got really used to the controls and feel of the server. So I make an offer to change my permaban for just a roleban for any command role.

What other servers were you playing on that allowed that?

None, Why do you ask.
Again, I rarely play on other servers, Because I got so used to Fulpstation’s pace and gameplay

Oh that, First, It wasn’t a server I was in, Second, Wasn’t me who did it, Third, It was something I saw in a video where the servers were unnamed.

Alright, it’s not important anyway since I’m not going to be the one handling this appeal. Whoever does, please check over my notes in the #ban-appeal-discussion and on the player’s account.

Hurray, Also why did you unlist my threat on ashwalkers

Denied. I can’t really see you being apologetic in this appeal and there’s a large warning as you join the server to really put forth our racism/sexual content rules so you have no excuse here.