Chef welderbombs me and himself on escape shuttle because I seem "sus"

Byond Account:Volren
Character Name(s): Imani Sidowner
Discord Name:Protosaurus
Round ID:24124
Griefer IC name: Daryl Tinkleton
Daryl Tinkleton
Griefer Byond account (if known):not known

What Happened: Hiding in a suit storage unit on the shuttle, I’m infil back-up - Chef starts tinkering with the heat settings on the suit storage unit once he realised im hiding in one, I push him out the way/give him a bit of my knife to discourage him, he comes back with a fuel tank and blows it up.

conversation after round end

DEAD: Daryl Tinkleton says, “i killed you imani”

DEAD: Daryl Tinkleton says, “you seems sus”

DEAD: Imani Sidower says, “yeah why dude”

DEAD: Daryl Tinkleton says, “no becuase you are antag”

this guy was actually perma banned through another interaction. so technically handled! thanks for the report

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