Chemist griefs the emergency shuttle with fire nades

Byond Account: hminh2010
Character Name(s): Lang Lang, Li Si
Discord Name: American Flag, Made in China
Round ID: 22857
Griefer IC name: Jack Faqua
Griefer Byond account (if known): The Trollinator

What happened:

As a traitor chemist without hijack or dagd objectives (or even any objectives at all), stocked up on phlogiston/chlorine trifluoride grenades, then when the emergency shuttle was in the middle of transit, set all of them off, burning everyone within the shuttle and promptly spacing them due to burning the floor out. They apparently did not take any objectives at all (unless they somehow didn’t show up on round end report) and to my knowledge wasn’t doing anything before deciding to grief the shuttle.


Thank you for the report! This has been handeled!