Chemist has no Brains

Byond Account: bun235
Character Name(s): Fleur Slippson
Discord Name: bun#9995
Round ID: 22400
Date: 29/08/22
Griefer IC name: Chadwick Nelson
Griefer Byond account (if known):

Early into the round take a maint pill that ends up turning me onto a high functioning zombie so I go around asking people if i can eat their brains for the fun of it.

Chadwick Nelson sees me politely asking people for their brains and begins complaining that i’m supposed to be killing people, obviously not understanding i’m not a romerol zombie, so i try to ignore him.

He begins following me around and when i’m at the chef attempting to get a brainburger he shoves me onto the table so i respond by tableslamming him until he has severe damage and attempting to leave it at that.

He then takes bath salts and begins attacking me so i run, then later when i go to medbay to heal up the wounds he caused he attacks me again and crits me, i’m stuck in crit for a pretty long time (i think the only reason i didn’t die was cause i was a zombie) and when i’m out he’s stood next to me calling me a shitter and saying i deserved it.

Admittedly I should have ahelped in round but I wasn’t sure it was worth it, only for next round I see him rush salts again and begin trying to bait conflicts with a sec officer.

Thank you for the report. This has been handeled