Chemist poisoning patients

Byond Account: Kawoshin
Character Name(s): Vitamin C
Discord Name: closertodeath#1703
Round ID: 17695
Date: 11/25/2021
Griefer IC name:
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:
One of the chemists kept feeding people random chems, me and some of the other doctors had to deal with it during surgery and it seemed like the chems were making our patients more sick. Chemist wasn’t an antag that round, unfortunately didn’t find their ingame name or byond account name.

the most bizarre character name i have seen in a while

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This really isn’t enough info to investigate. Do you know what chems he was feeding people? If you don’t have at least this or an IC name, this patrol will, unfortunately, have to be closed.

Not sure, it was giving them toxin damage usually though, sometimes up to 100. I asked them multiple times what they were giving but they wouldn’t answer unfortunately

Were they taking tox only? How much tox usually each patient? Did patients have brute/burn??

I can attest to this report, he had fed me radium and some other chemical that made my character nervous (whoever it was) and was doing the same for others saying that it was the vaccine.

Did you happen to catch a ic name?

Nah, I didn’t unfortunately, I had meant to catch it. Somebody had mentioned that they had luckily saved logs afterword and I was under the assumption they were saving them for a grief patrol.


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